Projects by iWater

Explore the groundbreaking projects undertaken by iWater, where cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions are applied to restore and protect water and soil quality.

In-situ bioremediation of hexavalent chromium contaminated groundwater

iWater successfully implemented an in-situ bioremediation strategy to reduce toxic hexavalent chromium to non-toxic trivalent chromium in groundwater.

Proof of concept to treat nitrate impacted groundwater

Our client is considering biological treatment of elevated nitrate concentrations in the seepage generated from their mine tailings facility.

The use of biochar for the remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil

iWater was contracted to assist with the site assessment, remediation planning and implementation of remedial measures following a large hydrocarbon spill which impacted the soil of neighbouring farmland.

Pilot-scale demonstration for the bioremediation of nitrate contaminated water in cold climate

A mining client located in an area where the winter temperatures often drop below zero degrees contracted iWater to demonstrate the biological treatment of nitrate contaminated water from their return water dam.

Use of microbial diversity assessments to enhance natural attenuation of petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater

A consulting firm appointed iWater on behalf of their industrial client to establish whether the indigenous microbial soil and groundwater population have the capability of degrading the petroleum hydrocarbons present at elevated concentrations in the groundwater.