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Prof. Esta van Heerden
Founding Member and CEO

I am the proud founder of iWater, a women-owned South African biotech company that focuses on soil and water bioremediation.

I am often asked why I established iWater. What is my story?

It was a simple answer for me: We need nature-based solutions for our environmental problems. Chemical and physical technology solutions are not always the most appropriate technology choice, especially considering that these often create treatment residues that also require management. If we consider that bioremediation is the fastest growing field and technology worldwide, we are left with the question: Why is this so underutilised locally?

South Africa is one of the largest mining countries in the world. Unfortunately, it is this sector that contributes arsenic, uranium, chromium and other contaminants into the environment, impacting not only our water resources but also human health. It’s these clients that define the need because traditional methods keep on failing them. They need dynamic, sustainable, turnkey solutions on each site, and that is how iWater was born. For the past 20 years, my team and I have been developing bioremediation technologies for the mining and industrial sectors. I left academia and entered the industry to bring solutions.

iWater has a group of skilled scientists and engineers, and together with our handpicked international partners, we are solving this problem. We understand that nature already has its elegant miracles: The microbes … and they will help save our environment. We help them control themselves by putting them into reactors or the soil, and they simply breathe in these toxic chemicals, rendering them completely harmless. I think it’s time we tackle these pollutants with an army of superbugs to save our environment!

Dr. Heidi Snyman

My career spans 30 years across research, academia, industry and consulting in the water and environmental sector. My passion is to find and implement solutions to complex environmental problems and I am able to do just that in iWater.

I discovered iWater in 2018 while working for Golder Associates heading up the Contaminated Land Solutions service offering. I started using their services in 2019. I very soon realised that this group was different. Their deliverables and solutions were always backed by the latest scientific findings and investigation methods.

In 2023, they approached me to join the team because of my experience as a contaminated land consultant in the industry. I joined iWater in August 2023. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the suite of bioremediation solutions for contaminants that are notoriously difficult to manage such as nitrate, hexavalent chromium, sulphate, uranium, chlorinated solvents and many more.

It is an honour to be part of this team of highly skilled experienced scientists supported by our local and international partners. As a mother to two daughters, I can proudly show them that a small women-owned company can thrive in the mining and industrial sectors.

We do:

Comprehensive Site Assessments

Desktop and detailed environmental site assessments to define the nature and extent of the pollution, risk and liability.

Laboratory Scale Treatability Studies

A cost-effective way to establish the feasibility of bioremediation and other treatment solutions.

Pilot Scale Demonstrations

Demonstration and optimization of the technology at under real site conditions.

In-situ and ex-situ bioremediation solutions

Full scale design and implementation of biological water and soil treatment solutions

Why We Do It

iWater Pty Ltd wants to contribute to South Africa’s environmental challenges and in so doing support local growth and development. We use cutting-edge biotechnology to make a difference. In the developing world, there are two categories when it comes to biotech: those who can locally develop or tweak imported tech to fit local needs, and those who sell off-the-shelf products without understanding the limitations or the science behind the technology. Our goal is to get South Africa into that first group.

Why choose iWater?

The staff at iWater are all hand-picked, inquisitive, highly skilled individuals. Their passion for this work drives the development of tailor-made solutions using nature’s elegant miracles, while intelligently integrating physical and chemical aspects to restore natural resources. iWater strives to create a nurturing long-term engagement with their clients to not only solve their pollution challenges but also transfer knowledge and skills.

iWater’s differentiator is the use of extensive laboratory- and pilot-scale development to customise scaled nature-based solutions to solve complex water and soil pollution issues.

A few good reasons

We have exceptional expertise.

Our key staff all hold doctorate degrees and are published and recognised experts. Between our staff, we hold a total of 20 degrees in a very specialised field of study. We will help you to not only understand your contamination challenges but also be able to answer questions.

We are unbiased.

Our scientific evidence is credible and accurate, and we share advice to help you make an informed decision for your specific problem.

We provide proof.

With our analytical methods, we can provide concrete evidence of contaminant removal over time.

We are trusted.

⦁ We are a trusted partner to various stakeholders, including government, industry, academia, agriculture, mining industry, and agriculture.
⦁ Our international collaboration agreements set us apart from our competitors and allow us to be one step ahead.


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